Fleetwood BIA Camera Security System (FCSS) Grant FAQ


Q: Why should my business invest in the FBIA Camera Security System Grant?

A: Installing security cameras and registering them with Project IRIS will help the RCMP to investigate
and potentially prosecute incidents much more rapidly for businesses in the Fleetwood community.
Cameras and signage can also act as a deterrent, forcing individuals to re-consider their decision
making, prior to engaging in criminal activity or simply getting them to leave the area.

Q: What is Project IRIS?
A: Project IRIS (Integrated Resources for Investigations and Safety) is a voluntary security camera
registry that assists the City of Surrey and the Surrey RCMP in solving crimes in the community.

Q: If I register with Project IRIS as part of the criteria, what can the RCMP see?
A: If you register with Project IRIS the RCMP will only know the location of your camera. The RCMP are
not able to view footage unless they ask the party who registered their cameras. Registrants are
permitted to deny access to the RCMP should they choose.

Q: What types of incidents do outside facing cameras capture?
A: Cameras that are set up facing high traffic areas along sidewalks and streets can be of assistance in
auto theft and other automobile type crimes or incidents. Cameras have captured suspects running or
driving from a crime scene and evading police officers. Cameras facing parking lots and other outside common areas can capture individuals or groups loitering, drinking alcohol, selling or doing drugs and participating in property damage and graffiti.

Q: Why does the policy require a licensed contractor to install the camera system?
A: A licenced contractor will guarantee that the installation is correct, that the system is functioning
properly and that the operator is trained for easy retrieval of footage. Exterior mounted camera
systems are also more difficult to install compared to interior cameras. A professional, discreet
installation will keep your business visually appealing.

Q: What happens if I move locations and a new tenant or owner moves in?
A: You will be responsible for ensuring that the new tenant or owner maintains the camera system
registered with Project IRIS.

Q: As a tenant, if I take initiative with project IRIS, who owns the camera system?
A: Exterior installations such as cameras or lighting become part of the property as they are wired-in.
They are owned by the property owner. Any installations require consent of the property owner. It is
up to the tenant to negotiate with the property owner if they take initiative since both parties benefit
from enhanced security.

Q: What if the project is approved but I don’t start the project?
A: The funding approval is only valid for up to three (3) months from the contractor quotation. Most
contractor quotes generally expire within 30 to 90 days. After three (3) months, the applicant will need
to resubmit a new, updated quote. If there is no activity for over 6 months, the project will be
cancelled – at this point the applicant would have to re-submit the entire application along with new

Q: Why is the Fleetwood BIA investing in cameras as opposed to other security measures?
A: The Fleetwood BIA is supporting businesses in acquiring cameras because they are a cost-effective
way to deter crime and produce evidence if there happens to be an incident. The City of Surrey as well
as the Surrey RCMP emphasizes the effectiveness of cameras through Project IRIS.

Q: What are other BIAs doing for community safety?
A: BIA’s in BC spend between 10-35% of their budget on safety and security. This usually involves
security patrols monitoring their areas. The Fleetwood BIA does not face the same challenges as most
BIAs and less than 10% of our budget is spent on community safety. As a small BIA, our goal is to
maximize what we do with our modest budget. Helping to get more cameras in the community is a