Fleetwood Camera Security System (FCSS)

Security camera systems act an important crime deterrent. On a strata (residential /commercial) property on the 15100 block of Fraser Highway, the installation of four (4) visible, outdoor cameras and a 30 day recording device reduced overall incidents on and around the property by an estimated 85%. The investment of close to $4000 dollars by the business owners and residents was deemed a “costly yet successful investment” and they are considering adding more cameras to the system.

Project IRIS (Integrated Resources for Investigations and Safety) is a voluntary security camera registry that assists the City of Surrey and the Surrey RCMP in solving crimes in the community. In simple terms, property owners, both residential and commercial, can register their OUTWARD facing cameras with the RCMP and should an incident or crime happen in the area, the RCMP can request access to the camera footage to assist with quickly solving the crime. Registration with Project IRIS is 100% voluntary.

The Fleetwood BIA believes that property owners and businesses can benefit from enhanced security which acts as a deterrent and aids the speed of investigations. Camera installations, as well as lighting and signage, act as deterrents toward potential crimes.

The Fleetwood BIA believes that the effectiveness of purchasing and maintaining proper camera system makes them a priority for the Fleetwood BIA’s Security Enhancement Program. Surveillance cameras have been proven to be in instrumental in the aid of investigations and crime prevention according to the Surrey RCMP. Businesses, as well as their employees and customers, benefit from greater peace of mind through enhanced security.

The Fleetwood BIA encourages businesses to report ALL incidents. Incidents can be reported through 911 if emergency, the non-emergency line, or the Fleetwood BIA.