Left: Amrith Bath, Right: Rick Hart

Just about two years ago, Rick Hart, with an immense passion for making positive change in the Fleetwood community, contributed to the formation of the Fleetwood Business Improvement Association. He was passionate about making a positive community change and was an avid contributor to Fleetwood.

Throughout the years of his career, he supported the creation of numerous facilities that we use today, such as Francis Park, Surrey Sports & Leisure Complex, Bucci Park, and the Fleetwood Town Centre Plan, just to name a few. He was also the founder of the annual Fleetwood Festival which aims to create a sense of community. Most importantly, Hart was involved in the formation of the Fleetwood Business Improvement Association, which was launched to advocate for local businesses effectively as a whole.

An interview with Amrith Bath, the general manager of Basant Motors, and Rick Hart brought in their opinions of Fleetwood. Back then, Fleetwood was not seen as a collective brand, there was very low drive in business activity, and there wasn’t a community feel to Fleetwood.

Hart noted that there are two main areas of business in Fleetwood located at the opposite ends of the district: 152nd Street and Fraser Highway, and 160th Street and Fraser Highway. Bringing in the Fleetwood BIA will help out the local businesses in both areas and unite them.


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