Fleetwood Community Association

We are working with the Fleetwood Community Association and the City of Surrey to make positive changes in the community by:

  • ensuring that the public plays an active role in the consultation and decision-making processes that shape our community now . . . and in the future
  • encouraging consultation with stakeholders to find practical, sustainable solutions to local and city-wide issues including infrastructure, transportation and social planning strategies
  • working with residents, businesses , developers and all levels of government to balance growth with policies and enforceable bylaws to preserve eco-systems & green space
  • developing and preserving Fleetwood’s uniqueness, history and character

Visit the FCA’s website here.

City of Surrey

We are collaborating with the City of Surrey to carry out business, safety and cultural initiatives around the Fleetwood neighbourhood.

If you want to get involved with the city programs, check out City of Surrey’s website for more information


The Fleetwood BIA is partnering with the media/technology group GetintheLoop in 2021 to create a revamped Fleetwood Deals app, which will have the capacity to feature business promotions/services, as well as showcase community events and local news.

The new Fleetwood Deals app is available on iTunes or the Google Play Store – look for it under the name ‘Get in the Loop app!

You can read more about GetintheLoop  here.


BC Chamber of Commerce

Funded by the Government of Canada and delivered through the BC Chamber of Commerce, the Shop Local initiative provides grants for programs and campaigns that encourage Canadians to shop local to help businesses navigate through and beyond the pandemic. In 2021, the Fleetwood BIA was granted $25,000 towards our GetintheLoop Fleetwood app and marketing campaigns.

Government of Canada

The GetintheLoop Fleetwood app and subsequent marketing campaign is supported by the Government of Canada’s Strategic Activities Program, administered by the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, and delivered through the BC Chamber of Commerce.


Fraser Highway – Surrey to Langley Line

  • Skytrain – TBD


Surrey Crime Prevention Society

We are collaborating with Surrey Crime Prevention Society to carry out city safety initiatives around our Fleetwood community. Surrey Crime Prevention Society is committed to supporting community safety and public awareness through a variety of safety awareness programs. Check out preventcrime.ca/ for more information.

BC Hydro Partnership

BC Hydro has partnered with BIABC to help you and your members lower your electricity bills to keep overhead low and increase monthly cashflow.
We know that as small business owners your members are extremely busy and every dollar counts, so they don’t have a lot of time to spend looking for ways to save energy. BC Hydro offers programs and resources to help businesses become more energy efficient. A great place to start is tracking electricity usage.
Free online tracking tools to help you lower your electricity bill
MyHydro is an online tool available to all BC Hydro business customers. It gives you insights into how your business is consuming energy throughout operating hours and beyond. Currently about 50% of business customers take advantage of the resource to better understand their electricity use and boost their power smarts.
You can use the online tracking tools to:
  • See how much electricity your business is using at different times of the day and at what cost.
  • Compare to last year’s usage.
  • Estimate your costs based on usage patterns.
  • Set alerts and reminders to manage and track your usage.
See how MyHydro can save your business and money. Visit bchydro.com/track to learn more.
Phone: 888 865-6580        Email: info@bia.bc.ca
Website: www.bia.bc.ca