Surrey Business Survey

On May 25th, 2017, the Fleetwood Business Improvement Association Team visited the City of Surrey  and the University of Fraser Valley to undergo training in the development and administration of a safety survey . In an initiative led by the City, BIAs across the area are tasked with administering a safety survey in order to assess the safety of business properties, customers, and employees.

With the survey in hand, the SFU intern students of the Fleetwood BIA will travel around to the businesses of Fleetwood to complete as many surveys as possible.

In advance of our arrival, we wish to thank the businesses of Fleetwood for their participation and cooperation in the taking of this survey, as it helps us aid you in maintaining the ideal Fleetwood community, creating one of the best places to do business!

At the project’s completion, the students and public safety partners will hold a proactive workshop where survey results will be shared and together with the BIA leaders, the City and RCMP will work collectively to develop responses for the issues identified.  Link to the BIA SI.

Link to the broader strategy.

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