Fleetwood BIA Benefits

Why become a member?

The Benefits of a BIA

The Fleetwood Business Improvement Association represents the whole business community and advocates for local businesses effectively. Businesses that benefit from BIA programs contribute financially, and the amount that each business contributes is proportionate to its size and scale, relative to the whole area.

The special levy on commercial properties is the primary funding source for a BIA initially. However, as Fleetwood BIA becomes more established, we can leverage this funding through government grants, private sponsorships, in-kind contributions of goods or services, donations and fund-raising activities. These efforts will significantly increase our operating budget, at no additional cost to members.

We are actively involved in community planning initiatives, and work closely with other community groups and all levels of government, to ensure that community interests are well represented. This may include advocating for needed public amenities and physical improvements, and providing input on municipal policies and regulations, and proposed development applications in and around the BIA.

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