Fleetwood 2028 Plan

A Safe, Sustainable & Vibrant Community for Generations to Come

The Original Fleetwood 2028 Plan

Future Rapid Transit & Development – What does that look like?

The Fleetwood Business Improvement Association (FBIA) hosted a forum on March 13, 2018, with key area stakeholders to discuss the future of Fleetwood as a place to work, live and play, and the proposed Fleetwood Town Centre Plan (FTCP) and the future of Phase 2 LRT along Fraser Highway.

Attendees learned the history of the Fleetwood Town Centre Plan (FTCP), which is the area centralized at Fraser Highway and 160th, and moves south to Francis Park (80th), east to the 84th turn off and 168th, west to the eastern border of the large Mobile home park (Venture Way) and north to about 88th. The original FTCP was approved in 2000, with no densities but height restrictions to 4 levels.

The group then participated in a visioning exercise designed to provide feedback about the thoughts and perceptions of Fleetwood as a community, as a town centre, and how to make it its own unique neighbourhood.

Participants were asked specific questions like “What is Fleetwood to You?” and “What would you like to see in Fleetwood, whether it be shopping, events or placemaking?”.

The group brainstormed ideas on how to make Fleetwood an “attractive and plentiful stop” for residents and commuters in the years ahead and also how to connect the “Fleetwood Business District” which encompasses all the businesses along Fraser Highway starting at 152nd all the way east to 168th .

The FCA supported uniting the west businesses with the Fleetwood Town Centre and further east to create a true “Fleetwood Business District”. They recognized that the town areas are divided by a large residential area and proposed that all residential development along Fraser Highway include a mixed use base where boutique style retail businesses occupy the first floor and that there is an expanded “buffer” zone between the building and Fraser Highway with a large pedestrian pathways and lots of greenspace and trees.

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